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Basic authentication between ISA and SharePoint


Learning Gateway Installation and Configuration manual says that ISA server must be configured to use Basic authentication to authenticate to SharePoint server (section “Create a Publishing Rule for SharePoint Sites”, paragraph 16).
However, it creates problems. Steps to reproduce:
  1. Browse to the SharePoint site. ISA server asks for credentials.
  2. Provide Administrator’s credentials. You are logged on normally.
  3. Edit any page. Click on “Add a Web Part”. The system presents the “Add Web Parts Webpage Dialog”.
  4. Select any web part and click Add.
  5. An authorization dialog pops up, asking for username and password. If cancelled, the system responds with “not authorized”(HTTP 401) – see 2.bmp.
  6. ISA server log shows that anonymous request had been made – see 1.bmp.
  7. Note: if you choose to display web parts gallery on the right, and just drag and web parts on the page, everything works without problems.
    The problem disappeared when we set that ISA Server must use Windows Integrated authentication (instead of basic) to authenticate to the SharePoint server.
    Why is the basic authentication recommended in the manual? Is that just a mistake, or there are other considerations?

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Woody1664 wrote Apr 28, 2008 at 1:52 PM

Basic Authentication is recommended as the MyPlanner web part makes a web service call to SharePoint for calendar items and also needs the authentication for the call to Exchange.

Really people should be using Kerberos for this, but (probably rightly) this was deemed to complicated for the basic installation.

wrote Feb 14, 2013 at 1:58 AM