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The MLG is hard coded for US English language (1033).
This means it can only be installed on OS and MOSS installed using US English language. If you have a system in any other language, you get "Permissions" errors when trying to add the MLG web parts to a portal.


kelhossainy wrote Jul 24, 2007 at 1:03 PM

First, referring to the issue description, I would like to get confirmation on whether the issue exists for web parts only or also for Site definintions - site templates. As I have noticed feedbacks on behavior for MLG 2007 on non-English MOSS installations is that the MLG e-learning site templates (School and Class) do not get displayed in the templates list on Create Site page. Also whether this behavior applies to all web parts or on a specific set of them?

Second, I don't understand how the language setting is hard coded with the MLG as this is not obvious in MOSS 2007, typically in MOSS 2007 a language pack could be developed to include the language definition and locale resources strings to allow the MLG components to work correctly on a designated localized installation. Thus what is required here is to develop language packs for MLG 2007 French, for example, to make the MLG site definitions (and web parts) available to sites created on WSS French Language Packs or MOSS 2007 French installations.

More elaboration/correction is appreciated to the above topic. Thank you.

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fedroponce wrote May 8, 2009 at 6:03 PM

Is this right? I mean does MLG only works out-of-the-box under English-MOSS? If so, I would be happy to help out creating an Spansih-localized language pack for it... I'm not a pro, but with a little guiadance I can do it.

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